This is mostly a personal blog. At the moment, it is mostly about computer technology and programming. I try to keep the website design simple, with a minimal amount of CSS. This website is generated using Common Lisp, and the articles are written in a domain-specific language embedded in Common Lisp.

I am a student. I am also an amateur programmer. In the field of programming, I am interested in Lisp (Scheme) and ML family languages (Standard ML and OCaml). I have recently taken a greater interest in lower level programming (x86 assembly, C, system programming, and operating system development). High up on my wishlist is to learn about electronics.

I maintain this blog as an outlet for publishing knowledge and opinions that I want to share with the world. Some topics here are fairly obscure, but I hope that by putting the knowledge out there, some people might eventually benefit from whatever little nuggets of knowledge they may find on this website.

Features I want to add to this website:

  • Contact form
  • Search functionality