Financial astrology books from major publishers

I need to preface this by saying that I do not believe in astrology. I think it's pseudoscience. Nevertheless, it has come to my attention that some major book publishers have published books that contain material on financial astrology — the application of astrology to finance. Here, I will be listing books that apply astrology to the stock market. Some of these books are respectable books that merely document and explain the existence of financial astrology, while other books are dedicated to financial astrology and enthusiastically promote the "art" as if it were completely legitimate. My first reaction to hearing about financial astrology was to laugh. I simply find it intriguing that there are people who actually use astrology for the stock market in the 21st century.

Note that most of the financial astrology discussed nowadays comes from the theories of William Delbert Gann (Gann theory). There is some controversy as to whether he actually profited from trading using the methods he taught. Some suspect that most of his wealth came from selling books and courses, rather than from the profits of his trading methods.

So far, all the books I know of are published by Wiley. Most deal with Gann theory but not exclusively. The books I know of are:

  • A Trader's Guide to Financial Astrology: Forecasting Market Cycles Using Planetary and Lunar Movements by Larry Pasavento and Shane Smoleny

  • Timing Solutions for Swing Traders: Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis and Financial Astrology by Robert T.H. Lee, Peter A. Tryde.

  • Pattern, Price and Time: Using Gann Theory in Technical Analysis by James A. Hyerczyk.

  • Trade What You See: How To Profit from Pattern Recognition by Larry Pasavento and Leslie Jouflas.

  • Quantum Trading: Using Principles of Modern Physics to Forecast the Financial Markets by Fabio Oreste.

Honorable mention: Trading Systems and Methods by Perry J. Kaufman is a respectable book that surveys a large variety of trading methods. Most of the surveyed methods are legitimate, but the book has sections that deal with financial astrology. If you want a generally useful book that also happens to describe how others use financial astrology, this is probably the book to get.