Books for Learning the Canadian Accent

When native speakers are asked how one can learn their accent, the response invariably includes suggestions such as 'practice', 'mimic the news broadcaster', 'practice in front of the mirror', etc. However, these are not effective methods for acquiring an accent. One must learn from an authoritative source. I've been using books to learn the Canadian accent. I have not found books that specifically teach the Canadian accent, but since the General American accent is very close (almost unnoticeable) from the "standard" Canadian accent, I used American accent resources to try to emulate the way Canadians speak.

Two good books are:

  • American Accent Training by Ann Cook.
  • Mastering the American Accent by Lisa Mojsin.

I have just started my own accent reduction program. I am currently reading Mastering the American Accent. The large amount of downloadable samples are very helpful. I usually read the sample texts and record myself talking. I would so that until I sound like the people in the sample recordings. The real goal is to make my speech clearer for Canadians. Even if I do not acquire the Canadian accent, I can still console myself because this exercise would have reduced my own accent and made myself more clear to Canadians. There's no way to lose.