Awesome Racket

A curated list of of awesome resources, frameworks, libraries, and software for the Racket programming language. A work in progress. Contributions and suggestions welcome.

Awesome Racket

Database Drivers

Libraries for operating and connecting to databases.

  • DB - Database connectivity for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Cassandra, ODBC (e.g. Oracle, DB2, SQL Server).
  • MongoDB - Interface to MongoDB.

Data Parsing

Libraries for parsing and generating data from different formats.

  • JSON - Parsing and writing data in the JSON data exchange format to/from Racket values.
  • XML - Parsing and generating XML.


Tools for writing and generating documentation.

  • Scribble - The Racket Documentation Tool.

Logic Programming

Libraries for using the logic programming paradigm.

  • Racklog - Prolog-style logic programming in Racket.
  • MiniKanren - An embedding of logic programming in Scheme.
  • Parenlog - Implementation of a language very similar to pure Prolog.
  • Datalog - Deductive Database Programming.


Libraries for manipulating images.


Libraries for scientific computing.

  • Math - Math library.
  • Plot - Graph plotting.
  • Quaternion - Calculations involving quaternions.

Text Editor Plugins and IDEs


Official Sites

Books using Racket

  • Realm of Racket
  • How to Design Programs

Books using Scheme

  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  • The Little Schemer
  • The Seasoned Schemer
  • The Reasoned Schemer
  • The Little Prover